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pressure sand filter
Pentair water Softener 3000 ltr(Semi Automatic)
Pressure vessel size:-13*54
Max working pressure:-3.5Kg/
Min working pressure:-2 Kg/
Flow rate (m3/hr)(max):-3.0
Resin quantity (litres) 220na:-100
Coarse silex(kgs):-30
Regeneration tank capacity:-120
Type of multi port valve:-25nb T/M SOFT

Pentair Water Softener 6000 ltr(Semi Automatic)
Pressure vessel size:-16*65
Max working pressure:-3.5Kg/
Min working pressure:-2 Kg/
Flow rate (m3/hr)(max):-6.0
Resin quantity (litres) 220na:-175
Coarse silex(kgs):-50
Regeneration tank capacity:-150
Brine draw(mm):-408
Brine value 30%(liters)ltrs:-80
Type of multi port valve:-40nb T/M SOFT

Pentair Water Softener 9000 ltr(Semi Automatic)
Pressure vessel size:-18*65
Max working pressure:-3.5Kg/
Min working pressure:-2 Kg/
Flow rate (m3/hr)(max):-9.0
Resin quantity (litres) 220na:-300
Coarse silex(kgs):-70
Regeneration tank capacity:-225
Brine draw(mm):-703
Brine value 30%(liters)ltrs:-173
Type of multi port valve:-40nb T/M SOFT.

Manual Valves
Pentair Mannual Valves are more reliable method of opening & closing of the seal with high degree pottery, scuff resistance, corrosion proff for opening and closing, no leakages. It's user friendly - easier to install and operate, small rotation angle for opening and closing.
Pressure Sand Filter
Pentair Pressure Sand Filter are basic pressure sand filter system. It's highly recommended for the removal of suspended solids & undissolved impurities like dust particles, sand & heavy metals etc. doing so it removes turbidity from water.
Structural Pressure Vessels
From light residential to heavy-duty commercial applications, Structural makes water treatment simple. Structual high performance pressure vessels are guaranteed to provide years of dependable services. It also provides cost-effective solutions for the most challenging applications.
Dosing Pump
Dosing Pumps are low-volume fluid pumps with controllable discharge rates used to inject additives into the mixing or pumping system.

Water Softener 3000 ltr

Pentair water softener softens the water by removing the calcium and magnesium found there extending the useful life of water heaters,washing machine, dishwashers, coffeemakers and household plumbing system by 30%

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