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Hydra MPC
magna series

CM pump with pressure controller is used for constant water pressure. Can be ideal when space is constraint near overhead tank. iIt also has dry running protection, incase of no water in the pipeline.


Silent operation, compact design and highly reliable
Wide performance range.
liquid temperature from 20degree celcius upto 120degree celcius
Built-in thermal protection
F class installation
80 start/stop per hour.
Smart SUB

Smart SUb series single phase horizontal open well submersible pumps are designed for under water application and therefore no need of priming and foot valve. Pumps are suitable for open well or tanks where there is wide fluctuations in water level.


Carbon Radial Bush bearing

Winding overhead protector

Neck ring in the volute casing

locally rewindable and repairable
Supplied with L bend stainer


Compact Construction with stainless steel inteernals
Fully automated systems
Low Noise
Individual Pressure adjustments


Pressure boosting in Homes, Industries, Commercial Establishments.
Domestic Water Supply, Gardening, Car washing, Etc
Industrial requirements for water at contant pressure.


Stainless steel shaft - No corrosion
High quality and long life mechanical seal
Unique motor design-capacitor start and run (PSC) type eliminating centrifugal switch.
Suitable for wide voltage operation - 160 to 240 V
Fitted with terminal block
Self priming upto 3.0 meters at mean sea level
Compact Design
Light in weight - portable


Used for Water supply to:

Residential Bungalows, Flats, Hotels, Hospitals, Laundries, Clubs, etc
Gardening and Small Plants
lawn Sprinklers
Booster Applications
Small frames
Car washing
Ornamental Fountains
Water circulation in Solar Heater Systems

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